Capitol Dermatopathology LLC


Capitol Dermatopathology LLC is a CLIA certified Dermatopathology practice located in Rockville, Maryland.  We are a full service Dermatopathology practice dedicated to serving physicians & patients.  Capitol Dermatopathology is exclusively focused on providing exceptional dermatopathology diagnostic and consultative services to our referring clinicians, pathologists and patients.  Our mission is to provide accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses that are cost effective to our clients.

At Capitol Dermatopathology we provide personalized and advanced diagnostic services.  We believe in complete satisfaction from the client.  We have a full array of Dermatopathology services that can be tailor to fit your needs.  The cases sent to us will be reviewed promptly with accurate, consistent and detailed diagnostic reporting.  We also provide expedited review services and Photomicrographs on reports if requested.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Capitol Dermatopathology, L.L.C.
Located in Rockville, Maryland
Serving Dermatologists and Physicians

Phone: 240-750-3165

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